Inkfy's FAQ

I update this periodically so if you see a question I haven't asked, you might find it here in due time. I separated this into sections because it was getting kind of crazy. I'm a pretty private person so any intrusive questions will be ignored.
For questions related to my commission status, click here for my Commission FAQ!

General/Technical Info

"What is your name?"

I go by Inkfy (Lex), or Inkfycreates on all of my handles. Either one of my aliases are okay with me!

"How long have you've been drawing?"

I've been drawing my entire life. However, I didn't pursue it professionally until 2012. I also didn't attempt digital art until 2013. Before then, I just did traditional artwork as a hobby and still do to this day!

"Did you go to art school/Do you take drawing lessons?"

I didn't pursue drawing professionally until 2012. Before that point I was mostly a hobbyist. My experience was mostly self-taught from art books and early YouTube videos. I went to various art programs throughout my life, but they were mainly made for kids. I'm graduating art school in May, but I'm not majoring in Fine Arts (though I did take Fine Arts electives throughout university).

"You're very talented!/ How did you get to this point?/ I'll never be as talented as you..."

Funny enough, I have a great answer to this! I think it's worth understanding that in my opinion talent means nothing. Here's a thread I have on my full thoughts about it.
Here's another article that I found worthwhile. It's not just about talent, but about art as well.

"What social media site do you recommend? / What's the best site to grow my following?"

I made a recent thread on this! I never wanted to amass such a big following online, so when it comes to advice, I can only give so much. However, here's a thread I created that explains more about what I feel regarding this.

"What drawing program/tablet do you use?"

I use Clip Studio Paint (previously used Paint Tool SAI).
I edit my artwork in Photoshop occasionally.
My drawing tablet is currently a Wacom Intuos Pro Small
You can buy Clip Sudio Paint here (I suggest waiting as they have sales often!)
You can buy Paint Tool SAI here
You can find the tablet I use here
I am not super familiar with screen tablets/mobile apps so I can't give advice on those.

"What Recording and Editing software do you use for your speedpaints (timelapse videos)?"

I record my videos using OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) it's a free screen-recorder that's really reliable for streams and recording videos easily.

I edit my videos with Adobe Premiere Pro because I had the most experience with it during art school. I find it really comfortable to use! You should choose an editing program that you're familiar with and start from there! I'm not a tech junkie by any means so I can't say much here.

"What size is your canvas?"

I set my canvas at 300-350dpi, A4 size (8.5 x 11in.). For square ratios I use 3000 x 3000px at 300-350 dpi. I crop and extend my canvas depending on the type of work I'm creating. The higher your resolution, the less pixelated your work will be.

"What are your brush settings?"

For Clip Studio Paint I use the basic Hard/Soft Airbrush to paint as they usually get the job done. I didn't edit them much because I liked the settings already present. I also try to experiment with other brushes as well, but I mainly stick to those for rendering.

When I used Paint Tool SAI, I had the basic Pen tool with maxed-out smoothness and a customized brush tool. I used plenty of brushes, but these were my most used/favorites:

"What traditional materials do you use?"

Because I was a hobbyist for some time before going digital fully, I have a huge collection of art supplies varying from student to artist (professional) grade. I still use these for my personal pieces. You do not need all these supplies to be a good artist. Just use what you have available to you! I use these because I find they work for my needs and even then, I won't use all of them ALL the time. Find what best fits your needs!

Colored Pencils: Crayola, Prismacolor Premier, Faber-Castell Polychromos

Markers: Copic Sketch/Ciao & Ohuhu

Liners (Pens): A mix of Sakura Pigma Microns, Copic Multiliners, Staedtler Triplus Fineliners (STAEDTLERS ARE A WATER-BASED INK. These are not WATERPROOF. The other brands listed are waterproof, but Staedtlers will bleed. Take it from me after having a "surprising" experience lol)

Watercolors: St. Petersburg: White Night Watercolor Paint, Schmincke Horadam Watercolors, Sennelier Watercolor Paint Tubes, and a few tubes of Winsor & Newton/Daniel Smith Professional Watercolor Paint

Brushes: Mimik Kolinsky, Master Touch, Princeton Aqua Elite, Royal & Langnickel, and various mix-media brushes

Paper: Arches Watercolor Blocks (Cold-Pressed, 100% Cotton, 9in. x 12 in., 300 g/m/140 lb),
Fabriano Artistico Watercolor Blocks (Hot-Pressed, 100% Cotton, 9in. x 12in., 300 g/m/140 lb),

Sketchbook Recommendations: Strathmore 500 series Mixed Media Sketchbook (this is a 100% cotton fiber sketchbook), Canson XL Mixed Media Sketchbook

You can find these at a variety of stores but I highly recommend using Blick , Cheap Joe's,
Jerry's Artarama and Jackson's Art Supplies to find them for lower prices than in stores! (Depending on your area, this will obviously be different).

I don't consider myself an expert on traditional works so please don't ask me to do any tutorials for them. Traditional artwork is mainly a hobby for me nowadays.

"What art-related books/readings do you recommend for learning?"

First, I highly highly recommend reading these articles by Monika Zagrobelna. She does a great job at highlight basic artistic struggles many of us have. Any questions about motivation, self worth, pressure, and fears/anxiety will be directed here.

For Motivation/Fears/Anxiety/Pressure:

5 Myths About Learning
-"Can I Draw?"—How to Tell If You're Good Enough
-10 Mistakes New Artists Make and How You Can Avoid Them
-Don't Take It Personally: How to Make Critique Work for You

For Anatomy:
Anatomy for Sculptors, Understanding the Human Figure by Sandis Kondrats and Uldis Zarins

For Lighting/Shading:
Color and Light: A Guide for the Realist Painter by James Gurney

For Comics/Self-Publishing:
The Complete Guide to Self-Publishing Comics: How to Create and Sell Comic Books, Manga, and Webcomics by Adam Withers and Comfort Love

I own each of these books and find these to be must-haves!~ If you can't afford them, Andrew Loomis is a good choice to have in general as it gives the rundown of everything listed above to some degree. You can find the .pdfs online for free!

"Where do you get _ made?/ Advice for Conventions?"

For charms, I use Zap Creatives.
For stickers, check out StickerMule or StickerApp.
I am not currently familiar with buttons or enamel pins. Therefore, I can't give too much info on those. If you have a manufacturer issue, I also can't help you as I've never experienced one.
I'm still a bit new to conventions so you're better off asking pros or using this blog here

"How long does it take to finish a drawing?"

I work on multiple projects at a single time. Some can take me days, weeks or months. It depends on how big the workload is. Unless I record my work, I have a hard time telling how much time I work on a single project. I typically don't finish everything in one session and tend to take multiple breaks during my work.

"Can you participate/join _?"

Unless there's some form of monetary compensation, I do not have the time to participate in many extra events unless I prepare for it. Please understand that I get many requests to join groups. I'm honored to be invited, but I'm only one person! And sadly, I can't be active in several separate activities while dealing with work, school, and life. I also ask that people please not add me to groups without my permission. I had several cases of people doing this and while I'm honored, please understand I just don't have the time to participate even if invited. Please do not spam me with requests. They will be ignored.

"Can we be friends?"

No. My social media is primarily for business. I believe friendships can not be forced. I have no problem with casual chatting about my hobbies, but I like to leave it at that. I ask that people please respect my privacy.

Stuff regarding commissions, promotions, and fan art of my work.

"Do you take requests, commissions, and/or art trades?"

I never take requests. I do not work for free.
I take commissions and my info is updated periodically on my main website.
Art Trades are limited to mutuals only, meaning we follow each on on Twitter ONLY and I am not accepting any currently.

"Can I repost/use your work as a profile picture/banner/etc.?"

IF said artwork happens to be fanart I'm pretty lenient with it. I'm well aware that a lot of people like my fanart. I can't stop people from reposting my work online because it's mainly out of my control BUT I do have different levels of tolerance depending on the subject matter.

As long as the repost IS NOT:

X a commission
X OC(s) of mine
X original artwork
X being used for monetary purposes without my permission

….I'm generally cool with it. Anything that fits the categories above will be immediately DMCA'd without a warning.

You can credit me a few different ways. Any ONE of these is fine:

-Please tag me at "@inkfycreates" on social media (it's for all of my handles)
-Reference my online aliases, "Inkfy" or "Inkfycreates"
-Post a link to my website using this link to my carrd.
-Linking the original image you posted back to the source. This can be an external link to any illustrations I already posted on social media, but it must be somewhere in the description.

"Any advice on starting commissions? I'm lost!"

I created a COMMISSION MASTERPOST journal on this subject. This journal goes into detail about everything you need to know!

Read it to your heart's content!

For an introduction to the more technical aspects of Paypal, check out these journals below:

1. Intro to Paypal
2. Protecting Yourself with Paypal Settings
3. Don't make a Paypal Account as a minor. Just don't. Use a guardian to help you if you do, but wait if you can

"How should I start pricing my commission?/What should I charge?"

The commission journal I linked above should help answer this question. If not, I also made a thread regarding this issue.

"Can I make fanart of your work?/Can I draw your OCs?"

YES! YES! YES! No need to ask! I love fanart of my works! Tag me at @inkfycreates when you're done so I can see it!

"Can I practice using your artwork?"

As long as you don't try to take credit for any of my work, I'm pretty lenient if people want to use my stuff to practice. If you choose to post it publicly, obviously don't claim it as your own. Feel free to tag me if you want me to see it.

"Can you do promo/shout-outs for _?"

If I have the time, I usually don't mind giving a retweet to your work, but this isn't guaranteed. Just be upfront with what you would like me to rt/share. Please keep in mind that just because I do this does NOT equate success. That has to be earned. I also do not retweet every person that asks me. If you spam me with requests they will be ignored.

I don't do free promotions if it involves my own artwork being used. However, I'm available for commercial work. Contact my email [email protected] to discuss further details.

Learning materials/Tutorials/"How do I do _?"

"Can I run this idea by you?"

If you'd like me to see it, I certainly don't mind! However, please understand that I'm just an ordinary person at the end of the day who happens to enjoy creating art. I feel that it would be disingenuous to claim I could help everyone and give the perfect advice because I can't. This is relatively new to me since my following has grown, and while I'm honored people value what I have to say, I'm also not here to solve other people's problems or to give clearance to their ideas. If you want to use me as a frame of reference, there's nothing wrong with that, but at the end of the day, it's just going to be my opinion. That's all I can give to you.

"Do you do 1 on 1 art lessons/Can you critique my work?"

No. I do not have the time to critique everyone's work unless it's through some form of monetary compensation (Patreon/Ko-Fi). I can give general advice, but my time is limited. I am more than willing to give general advice, but I can also only give so much.

"Do you have any tutorials?"

YES! My Tutorials are all compounded on my Ko-Fi.
Most of them are free with high-res downloads available!
Click here to be directed to my Ko-Fi. Go to Gallery --> Tutorials or check my most recent blog posts

"Can you make a tutorial on _?"

I'll consider it for future tutorials on my Ko-Fi and Patreon!

"Your art is so smooth! How do you do that?"

If you're confident in your work, you'll be able to make smoother brush strokes. The key is to have a steady hand, a variety of bigger and smaller brush sizes to cover a larger surface area, and lots of practice and patience because learning all of this will take a while. Here's a tutorial I made that explains it a bit better: CLICK HERE

"I love your coloring! How do you choose colors?"

I typically choose my colors depending on the mood I want to display with my work.. I think of a light source and base my coloring around that. However, coloring is so vast I can barely begin to describe everything in one description. Therefore, I've made a video on my digital process to give insight into this.

"I feel like I'm not getting anywhere!/I'm frustrated with my work/How do I improve?"

I have a MASTERPOST journal that touches upon this subject. Give it a read for a more in-depth answer. I feel I basically laid out everything I wanted to say in regards to practicing, improving and mental health as an artist.

"I want to become better at art! How did you get so good?"

Simply put, you need to work smart AND hard. You have to go out of your comfort zone and try new things, but also not burn yourself out. Make plans and figure out what you really struggle with, but also try not to avoid said things or reject criticism. If you see something you like, use that inspiration to make new art, but also use it as a lesson to break down your own artwork. Draw stuff that you enjoy, but make sure to draw other things that will be beneficial to your growth. (e.g learning from tutorials/art books). It's very easy to become jaded because people either go to the extreme or do very little. None of that helps you in the long run. Understand that you are a human being and that you will make mistakes, but as long as you are alive you can still learn and improve. I can't tell you when that will happen, but I know that you have to try before you say you can't.

"Any advice for dealing with stress/burn-out/artblock?"

I find that a lot of issues with artblock/stress/burn-out stem from mental issues that I'm not equipped to answer because I'm not a therapist. I don't feel privy to that information and I don't have the time to go over everyone's personal circumstances to give said advice either. It's something I'm not experienced enough with and I feel it would be a disservice to answer those questions without the background information or proper training needed. At the end of the day, I'm just a person who knows how to draw. I know my limits and this is one of them in terms of advice.

I'm very sorry if people came here looking for a personal answer or definite solutions, but this is something I struggle verbalizing altogether and that I feel has no correct answers. I would feel very uncomfortable conveying anything to others without the proper information necessary. As a result, I can't help much here.

"How do I gain a following on social media? What advice would you give to beginner artists for self promoting?"

I'll preface this by saying I never wanted to gather such a massive following. I generally don't like social media and I still have some discomfort for it. Originally, I was planning to stay on DeviantArt, but some friends convinced me to try out Twitter to post updates for my work and the rest was history.

If you're looking for a "big" answer, I'm afraid I can't really provide one specifically for you. I mostly followed generic advice like posting consistently/on a timely manner, posting finished artwork, interacting with people, taking opportunities to promote myself in threads, etc. However, I know that certain methods will work for some and not for others. I can't predict what will or will not work for you and that's reality. It's always going to be a case-by-case basis and I can't go through every single person to tell them what they're doing right or wrong. That's something you have to figure out for yourself.

I just made artwork that I wanted to share with people online. And honestly, I think that's the best way to start. Post for yourself and take it from there. Don't post for popularity's sake. Don't post because you feel you NEED to. Post because you want to share your work with someone online. Post what makes you excited to share your work to the world! Remember! Someone hasn't seen your stuff yet!

"Any advice for beginners/How do I get started with art?"

Honestly, it just depends on what you want! I want to state that I'm not some sort of art god. I can't determine what will and will not work out for you. All I can do is give recommendations and suggestions. Getting "better" is entirely subjective and will highly depend of the field of work you want to explore. What you perceive as better will change over the course of your own career. This is essential to understanding art. There is no singular goal. All you have is what you strive to make and what inspires you. This is a topic I go further into detail with in this journal linked here. I think it's important to not just focus on the end result, but to have fun when starting out.

You first priority for any new hobby is to do research. Search up art blogs/YT videos for references. Find other artists, online groups, forums, etc. you might be interested in. Don't be afraid to ask questions! That's how you start! DRAW SOMETHING. ANYTHING YOU'RE INTERESTED IN! Don't overestimate/underestimate your abilities. You're only human. Things will happen in life and sometimes you don't always reach those expectations and it's fine! However, celebrate what you do achieve! Have a balance! What does exist and what will follow you throughout the majority of your art career is the work you create and what you choose to take away from it.

You won't become better instantly. In a day, a month, or even years. Art takes time.Your improvement could take decades. This can be daunting, but know that this is normal. You don't have to learn everything at once. You have time. Whether it's 13, 20, 30, 70, 90. You can start and end whenever you want. Many people are afraid of putting in that effort because the risk is so high, but the reward for doing art can be very little for some. The time it takes to get to a improve isn't definite. It makes art a scary thing for others as there are no concrete answers. However, I'd also see it as an opportunity for growth. Even if you don't know when you'll start improve, it doesn't mean you can't take that risk to begin with. I believe what matters most is if art makes you happy. Draw what you like and think about how to improve while you're creating. I can't tell you how everything is going to work out or if what I say will help you, but you can at least start somewhere!

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